Pandaroos Plus

If any of you were to visit today you would see a featured gallery by the name of Taranturaptor, Pandaroo, and Other Animal Hybrids We Wish Existed. The Pandaroo is my own and is the second image in the gallery! The story was also picked up by, so you can see the pandaroos again here.

Participating in this project was without a doubt the funnest assignment I’ve had in a long while and if anyone would like to commission additional pandaroo creations, or in fact any other fantasy animal work I will happily rise to the occasion. Maybe some other time I will tell you about the (not too) complex process involved in bringing a pandaroo to life but today I’d just like to share the awesome gallery which hosts a menagerie of weird and wonderful hybrid animals by amazing artists.

Pandaroo panda- kangaroo hybrid

Pandaroo: panda- kangaroo hybrid for

In addition after much procrastinating I finally got my facebook page live. I would really appreciate your support in liking and hopefully sharing my work with others. I look forward to seeing you, friends and soon to be friends online! And since the pandaroos that inspired this post may be the cutest thing I’ve ever drawn, perhaps social media is the perfect way to let them get some love (and possibly a children’s book deal) from the internet. After all, they already have a small fan club after my niece and nephew brought a print of them to preschool for show and tell…

8×10” Prints of the pandaroos are available for purchase. For more details get in touch!


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