Geosciences Poster

In addition to being an illustrator I am also a master’s student and this week I was asked to produce a poster for my department.

Tel Aviv University’s Geosciences department encompasses the fields of Geophysics, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences. As such the poster needed to reflect all 3 disciplines.

I used images from Google Earth Pro and NASA in the composite to reflect the earth science and planetary science aspects, respectively (plus the comet illustration). Atmospheric science is represented in the airglow I then painted in. The green glow comes from molecular oxygen while the higher red glow comes from atomic oxygen in the uppermost levels of the atmosphere.

maayan harel mharel comet jupiter planetary atmosphere airglow earth science geophysics

The poster is currently hanging on a wall at the entry to our department, 2nd floor, Kaplun Building, Tel Aviv University (aka my second home)

By Posted in Digital on Jan 30, 2016