Cover art for cancer research

The past couple of months I’ve been doing cover illustrations, with another one coming out Monday! These were both done for labs that work on cancer research, using Photoshop and Illustrator.

This one came out in May and was on the cover of Advanced Healthcare Materials. It was done for Avi Schroeder’s lab at the Technion for their paper Synthetic Cells: Synthetic Cells Synthesize Therapeutic Proteins inside Tumors, by Krinsky et al. It was really fun piece, and we decided to emphasize the synthetic aspect of the cells by imagining them as a structure with a machine inside them to process DNA into RNA and proteins (in green). Very industrial!

Another recent piece was completed for the Satchi-Fainaro lab at Tel Aviv University, for their paper Image-guided surgery using near-infrared Turn-ON fluorescent nanoprobes for precise detection of tumor margins, by Blau et al. Currently on the cover of Theranostics!


By Posted in Traditional on Jul 7, 2018