Image credit: Yiriana Romero Mejía

Image credit: Yiriana Romero Mejía

Hello, I’m Maayan.

I am an illustrator, designer and fine artist. Most of my subjects come from the world of nature, natural history or scientific concepts. I also love creating more fantastic pieces and concept design. I came into this odd career by way of a lifelong love of art, and a solid education in science, which I am still pursuing.

I am available for freelance work, based in Pasadena, California. For inquiries about prints, commissions, or upcoming projects, please get in touch!


Works created for

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History | USDA Systematic Entomology Laboratory

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

National Geographic Magazine

Odyssey Magazine




Industrial Art Studio



University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) | Computer Science 

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) | Neurobiology 

Karolinska Institutet | Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics

University of Rennes 1 | IRSET- Research Institute for Environmental and Occupational Health

Weizmann Institute of Science | Faculty of Life Science

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology | Biomedical Engineering

Hebrew University | Agriculture, Biology, Medicine

Tel Aviv University | Green Campus, Geosciences 

Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) | School of Psychology

Bar Ilan University | Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center, Psychology, Nanotechnology