A word about Cover Proposals

I am asked to illustrate cover submissions quite often and have had a pretty high success rate. These jobs tend to be tricky, so I’d.

Portrait of a Denisovan Girl

This portrait is based on a skeletal profile constructed from DNA methylation patterns. Research by David Gokhman and Liran Carmel, in the current issue (and.

Rebooting AI

Rebooting AI by Gary Marcus and Ernest Davis of NYU is out now! A lucid look at the current state of AI and what it.

Skin Cancer Nano-Vaccine

Nano Vaccine for Melanoma- Great piece of research by the Satchi- Fainaro lab of Tel Aviv University, featuring my illustration (using supersculpey). Published last month.

Cover art for cancer research

The past couple of months I’ve been doing cover illustrations, with another one coming out Monday! These were both done for labs that work on.

Out now: The Book of Why

The Book of Why by Judea Pearl and Dana Mackenzie deals with the science of cause and effect. I was fortunate enough to illustrate the project!.

Gene ORGANizer

I had the good fortune to work on this amazing project for Liran Carmel’s lab at Hebrew University. Gene ORGANizer is a visual tool which.

Rosh HaShana

Happy new year to everyone! new colorful fish for a sweet new year 🙂 (!לשנה טובה ומתוקה (וצבעונית Click on your preferred version to download.

Zombies Eat Brains, I Draw Them

Over the summer, in the sweltering heat of Israel’s coastal plain, where was I? I was diving deep… ~into neuroanatomy~ By a strange confluence of.