Pandaroos Plus

If any of you were to visit today you would see a featured gallery by the name of Taranturaptor, Pandaroo, and Other Animal Hybrids We Wish Existed..

Lucy the Orangutan

My time in DC is nearing an end and I thought it appropriate to go say goodbye to the National Zoo which has been a.

NG Letters: Everyone Loves Vikings

I recently completed an internship at National Geographic Magazine’s art department where I had the pleasure of illustrating two letters pages, the first of which.

Upcoming show!

Exciting news! I have just recently moved to Toronto and joined  Southern Ontario Nature & Science Illustrators. I have 3 pieces appearing in their upcoming.

New Entomology Gallery

  Hey! Check out the new gallery of beetles drawn during my internship at the Smithsonian. On the menu under Portfolio > Entomology  

Exhibit Open!

I am in school at California State University Monterey Bay’s Science Illustration program. There is currently an exhibit of all the students’ work that I.